What Is Anal Douche, What Is It For?

Many people avoid anal play because they think it is a dirty way of being physical with someone. It involves penetration of anus that is of course not a very clean part of human body. A lot of bacteria reside there which scare many people and that’s why they avoid anal play. What if there is a way of making this region clean before you try anal play? What if you could make sure nothing dirty will come out of that part when you are enjoying anal sex. Yes, it is possible to do if you have an anal douche. Let’s reveal what is anal douche, what is it for, and how it can make anal play much safer and enjoyable. 

What is anal douche?

Anal douche works exactly like vaginal douche. It is designed to thoroughly clean the rectum before the anal play. Sex coaches advise to use it before anal sex encounter to make it a more hygienic and enjoyable experience. The main goal of anal douching is to remove the chances of accident during anal penetration. You can use anal douche as a tool to remove all the waste stored in your rectum. It works exceptionally when it comes to perfect douching of anal canal. No fecal catastrophe will spoil the moment if you have used anal douche before the anal play. 

Anal douching has become a popular practice before anal sex because most of us do not follow a healthy lifestyle. You will never worry about anal sex if you follow a healthy diet and if your body perfectly removes everything stored in there. Unfortunately, most of us fail to release the whole waste and that’s where the problem occurs. Anal douches ensure no waste will stay in there when you are planning to have anal sex. 

This tool offers additional cleansing when your bowel is not functioning properly. That additional aid will help you in cleansing remaining feces and other waste perfectly and removing it out of your anus. Thus, it will not feel like a dirty act to do and your partner would also love to go further and love it like he loves the vaginal region of your body. Douching makes anal play safer and extremely enjoyable. That’s why anal douching is a very popular practice nowadays. 

Different types of anal douches:

If you are looking forward to use anal douches before enjoying anal sex, you must know which type of anal douche is perfect. You can find three types of douches for anal cleansing which are as follows:

  • Bulb syringe:

A bulb syringe is a two piece douche. Many people prefer it because it is user-friendly and also the most affordable anal douche. Bulb syringe is a perfect anal cleaning tool for the beginners. As you can check online, there will be a nozzle and a bulb in this anal douche. You should use this douche when in the toilet. Put the nozzle into your butt and press the bubble to start the cleansing process. 

This tool will make anal cleansing a very simple and pretty enjoyable process for you. Once you are comfortable with bulb syringe, you can consider using other types of anal douches.  

  • Shower kit:

Anal douching shower kit is designed for people, who already have some experience with bulb syringe. You can use this kit to hook the apparatus straight to the shower and then use it. Shower kit douching is for deeper anal canal cleansing and therefore it can be damaging if not performed properly. You should keep the pressure low when using shower kit. Yes, there is pressure control mechanism that helps you in keeping the water pressure low when douching. You can increase or reduce the water pressure according to your convenience. 

  • Enema bags:

If you do not want to use a very advance douching kit, you should prefer enema bags. These lie between bulb syringe and shower kit. You will get a bag equipped with a hose and nozzle. You can hang this bag and use it for cleansing. Water will flow through hose into your butt and the pressure will remain high if you hang it on a high location. Although the pressure will not be too high, you can still adjust it and continue cleaning anal canal. 

It may be possible that you have not used anal douches before. This will be a completely new experience for you, if you did not try vaginal douching. You should choose bulb syringe to reveal how anal douching works and then you should consider other two types of anal douches. 

Is anal douching safe?

It is always concerns people when they decide to put something in their anus. Anal douching is safe but you need to be extra careful when trying it. If not performed properly, it can damage and remove anal mucosal lining. It is a protective surface barrier that works to prevent infections. If this layer is removed during anal douching, it may cause infection in your anal canal. 

Douching can also be risky because delicate anal tissues may get damaged during the process. Therefore, experts suggest to use top quality anal douche that offers perfect protection to internal anal mucosal lining. You should also make sure the tip of anal douche is perfectly inspected. There should not be sharp edges or scuffs. If there are, it may cause serious anal infection.

Get anal douches online:

Anal douches are perfect anal cleansing tools for everyone willing to make anal play cleaner and more enjoyable. It will allow you o get rid of feces and other waste stuck within anal canal. One time cleansing will be enough to enjoy an erotic anal session. It will feel very comfortable if you follow the right anal douching method. You will have to learn how to douche before you put the hose in your butt. So, learn how to douche by using anal douches and how to perform cleansing process perfectly to avoid complications and be safe.